Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

2004 war so lasch!

Es ist mal wieder an der Zeit. Eine Weihnachtsfeier folgt der anderen, nächstes Jahr wird Alles super und was machst du Silvester?
Wiederholende Töne aus meinem Telefon.
Nicht zu vergessen, das große Thema: „Ich habe mich von meinem Freund oder meine Freundin hat sich von mir getrennt!“

Nachdem Carol uns die letzen Jahre Frikadellen, Bockwürste und Kartoffelsalat aufgetischt hat, gibt es dieses Jahr etwas Vernünftiges. Jawohl, wie man im Clubjargon sagt und schick anziehen sollen wir uns auch!
Ich lerne, es lohnt sich nicht immer, aber hin und wieder doch beim Chef zu beschweren!

Wo bleiben überhaupt die Visionen für 2005?
Das Jahr war nicht so prickelnd, wenig neues und die großen Namen haben auch nicht gerade gewonnen. Monologic, Abe Duque und Kylie, Acid Revival hat dann doch noch stattgefunden. Möglicherweise aus Mangel an anderen Ideen...War sonst noch etwas?
Ach ja, Spectral und Co. DJ Bone, Miami Bass und der „Ghetto-Küsten-Shit!“
Bone hat nichts neues erfunden, ist aber der einzige Detroiter, der guten Output hatte. Respekt! 
Submerge hat auch geloost und Chicago verpasst das Acid Revival!
Bastard Pop ist tot, die neue deutsche Welle soll sich gehackt legen.
Kein einziges Brett kann man noch darauf reiten, dieser Sound nervt mich sehr! Ich wünschte er wäre mir egal.
Die Jungen aggressiven, die gegen den Wind pissen und irgendetwas bewegen wollen, von dem sie noch keine Ahnung haben, was es sein soll. Meine Generation soweit von mir entfernt, verstehe ich nicht!
Es hat sich ziemlich ausgebootleggt! Der Rock-Clash, DFA Electro-Krempel ist vor die Wand gelaufen und das, obwohl die Presse sich so sehr bemüht hat.

Danced, danced, dancing! And i'm dancing all alone!
2004 war so lasch, dass ich kaum Visionen habe.
Es tauchen die üblichen Fragen auf: „Wie viel Minimal-Tech-House braucht die Welt noch, warum macht Minus 8 so schlechte Platten und wann wacht Chicago endlich auf?

Electroclash, No Future, schon klar, auch das Italo- / Clone Zeugs ist längst über den Zenit, Vocals treten in allen Stylen noch mehr nach vorne, gerade Kickdrums plus offene Hi-Hats sind definitiv OUT.
Bummtssbummtssbummtss, dass ist echt mal genug gerade!        
Wo sind die Drummer, die es mal ursprünglich mit dem linken Fuß gemacht haben?

Eine Vision habe ich allerdings schon - Funk!
Prince ist zurück, Vocals sind zurück, Techno und House Beats sind out....Das deutet Alles Richtung Funk.
Ist ja auch die einzige 80'er Kuh, die noch ungeschlachtet ist!
NDW, Italo, Breakdance, Pop....ist Alles durch, Funk nicht!

Ich muss mich beeilen! (15.12.2004)

Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Sometimes it's just about the music!

Good Evening, Mrs. Xenia Beliayeva,

First of all, may I introduce myself as a member of the Factóide blog, wich is based um Cuiabá - Mato Grosso - Brazil and covers mostly the local dance music scene and related subjects.

During all the year, after a International DJ gig, we launched a poll for the locals rate the presentation, its called the "Gringômetro", something like Gringo-o-Meter (gringo is a slang for foreigner).

And we very proud to inform that you were the best dj rated in the year of 2009, because of your performance in the nearby city of Chapada dos Guimarães at Mística (tought myself and Daniel, the other writer of the blog, were more saddened because both of us lost that party).

There were 35 foreign djs that played in Cuiabá (and nearby cities) in 2009, and you've bested names like Richie Hawtin, Anthony Rother, Phonique, Joris Voorn, Mistress Barbara and your own dear, Oliver Huntemann (all of them did good and awesome sets, but the voters prefered you).

Cheers from Cuiabá and our best wishes for a good Christmas and Happy 2010!

Gabriel Lucas Scardini Barros

Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

I don’t Blog I hear it’s not good for your health

Where were you born and where did you grow up? 
DGP: I was born in Detroit and grew up all over the place, the west side, east side, suburbs and gutter.

Where do you live now? 
DGP: Recently moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Which is the place where you would like to live most and why?
DGP: Well I have a few places in mind.  The first would be Uranus, the women there are unbelievable! I would have gone already but I’m married here and my wife can’t go with me because of her job.  The second would be L.A., the women there are unbelievable! I would have gone already but I’m married here and my wife can’t go with me because of  her job.  The last is Geneva, Switzerland, the women there are unbelievable! I would have gone already but I’m married here and my wife can’t go with me because of her job.

Does the place where you live have an influence on your musical taste/choices?
DGP: No not really, I’m not here much to be influenced by the atmosphere.  I’m usually in my studio alone with a bottle of something trying to understand the relationship of frequencies and space.  Trying to focus in on resonance and feedback.

Did you use to travel a lot before doing gigs every weekend?
DGP: Sure, all I had to do was close my eyes and click my heels together like that chic from that movie with the witch and monkeys. Oh and don’t let me forget those fantastic shoes, I had to get me a pair.

What do you like to do in a city when you have time to spend there?
DGP: Drink, eat and knock holes in the hotel room walls.  Empty the mini bar, flood the toilet and leave all the wet towels on the pillows.

What is your favourite mode of transport?
DGP: I like walking on my hands until my nose bleeds. No really my favorite form of transport is my spaceship I can go just about anywhere I want as long as it isn’t over military air space.

How do you like to spend your time whilst travelling?
DGP: Honestly, I try to sleep to keep people from bothering me.  You know it’s hard to be a semi-famous, vaguely recognizable celebrity.

What is your favourite kind of food and which is the best restaurant you have been to during a gig? 
DGP: I LOOOOVE SUshi!!!! The best restaurant was when I went to Gijon, Spain and went to a little out of the way place to have traditional Pork and Beans… It was amazing.

When did you buy your first musical instrument and what was it?
DGP:  I bought my first musical instrument about 4 years ago it was a Fender P Bass.  It was a cheap one so, I got rid of it and am looking to buy a better one soon so I can get back to playing.

Do you collect instruments?
DGP: It all depends on what you mean by instruments.

When did you buy your first record and what was it?
DGP: I bought my first record back in 1985 it was L.L. Cool J’s I Need A Beat.

What is your favourite record shop and what’s so special about it?
DGP: My favorite record shop is a place called Damn It’s Hot located on Mercury.  People walk around buck naked and only the tourist stare.  The women there are unbelievable! I would have gone already but I’m married here and my wife can’t go with me because of  her job.

Do you buy records online, if so where and what are the advantages and inconveniences?
DGP: No not really… I haven’t bought records in years, most of my record collection is oldschool bangin techno.

What do you think about the MP3 format, do you consume it?
DGP: I think the mp3 format is a bit like a cheap wine.  It’s accessible, convenient, cheap and most people drink it.  I don’t like cheap wine.

What is your favourite medium for music?
DGP: I LOVE VINYL. You can’t beat it.

Are you a blogger and do you spend much time on others?
DGP: No I don’t blog I hear it’s actually bad for your health.

What do you ask for in your rider?
DGP: Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Rum a mixing desk and a mic.

Is there a special outfit you like to wear whilst playing or an item of clothing or special object which you take for luck?
DGP: No, I don’t believe in luck,  but I do have a favorite piece of that I can’t do without and that’s my bottle of whiskey or tequila or vodka etc. etc.
My diaper is a piece that I love to wear as well.

Where is the best venue you have ever played and what was so good about it?
DGP: You know… That’s a very hard question.  We’ve played quite a few places in our career and some places were of course better than others but to pick a favorite is a bit tedious.  But if I must, I must.  I would have to say it would have to be the last gig Mr. O and I did in L.A. The party lasted at least a good 30 hours.  We drank, played, drank some more socialized, drank socialized more and drank.  BOMBED by the end of it all.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during one of your gigs?
DGP: My diaper fell off and let me tell you it was really cold in the building.

What is the strangest thing that’s happened to you during a gig?
DGP: My diaper fell off, actually if I remember correctly somebody pulled at it earlier in the show, I thought I’d tied it nice n tight but I guess not.  People gasped and laughed.  Did I mention it was cold?

Do you share your life with someone, if so does it bother your other half to know that you’re away every weekend?
DGP: Haven’t you been paying attention? I said I was married only about 4 times. No she doesn’t mind that I’m away because I bring home money for her to buy new shoes with, I also have to buy something from the duty free as a gift.

If you are single, does it make encounters with the opposite sex easier and do you have more success than before?  
DGP: Success is success.  I had success before and I have success now, it just happens to be with one person.

Favourite Addresses (one for each):

Blog: I don’t Blog I hear it’s not good for your health.
Record Shop: Damn It’s Hot on Mercury. I don’t think you can get there.
Restaurant: The Bro Can Wok Chinese Soul Food Cuisine.
Buttopolis, Uranus.
Bar: Black FUB.A.R. Rue des Voisins 5, Geneva Switzerland.
Airport: Munich airport is the BOMB!!!!

Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

A Letter To Ukraine

In the past five years, I spend much time playing and travelling in Ukraine. Meeting nice people, discovering my roots and the “Russian” way of lifestyle. I gained new “fans” and even one friend.
You showed me love with all the things you’ve done!
There was a firework before I started to play, a girl who designed a dress with my name on it. There have been bouquets and a full club with sparkles in hands. So many nice memories!
I even improved my mother language, as I’m not talking so much Russian in my daily life.
In moments of light disappointment or if something was not working out for me i found a lot of reception from your side. I'd like to thank you!

It’s a mentality thing why our connection works and why I am playing regularly in your country. It’s because I know that I can come to your house, drop my shoes on the floor and take something out of the fridge without asking and it’s because you know that in a way I am the same.

I receive many letters from young Ukrainian producers and dj´s and I’m flattered that you see me as a link between Ukraine / Russia & the “European – Techno world”.
It’s not only the fact that you can write me in Russian, it’s also that apart of SCSI-9 and me there aren’t so many Russians releasing music on vinyl and international labels.
I do understand your reasons and the connected emotions, I would be stupid if not. After all I played more or less 50 gigs in your country and had a plenty of chats with promoters and DJ´s .
I cant write everybody a personal letter with my thoughts to your questions, that’s why I write an official one and try to answer your questions with my theories.

Three most frequently asked questions.

1. Why cant I get a deal with a German label, what is wrong with my sound, can you please listen to my tracks and tell me?

There is nothing wrong with your sound! Due to the mass of demos a label receives nowadays, an A&R is only able to answer you, if he is interested in your music.
And none of the A&R´s I know cares where the artist comes from, if he likes the track.

Wondering why there are less Eastern European producers on the market I can only assume that it has something to do with the history and political situation of the countries.
Everything came really late. I ate my first banana when I was six!
(This was a time when a banana just was a banana. Just kidding)
And then there was a money & trading problem, how to buy a synthesizer even if you saved money for it.
Today it doesn’t matter with what you produce, but the guys you comparing yourself with have an analog background and a bit more experience. They are doing it since years, collecting plug ins changing skills between each other, hanging around in record shops…Don’t get disappointed if you cant reach this standard after a short time of producing. Reading the manual, without speaking good English in most times is the first barrier:)
Don’t worry, a good track is a good track, that’s it!

Just an advice: Mails like the one below will maybe not be taken serious and your chance of getting heard shrinks. Find your own handwriting and choose one style!

Hey my name is Grisha Koleshnik, please listen to my tracks, here you find 3 links .

1. some techno and tech-house tracks
2. some house and minimal tracks
3. some dubby and broken beats influenced ones
Too many styles and tracks can confuse an A&R as he might think you didn’t find your way yet.

2. Why it is so tough to work with Germans, don’t you think their cessation of work with us is a bit critical?

To say it rough you’re one of the most popular download pirates.
Sure the basics for work will be reviewed even more than critical.
I work on both sides, as an artist I have at least some benefits from it. The people who are sharing my tracks are coming to my shows and begging the promoters to book me. But for a label it’s a total disaster.
You have to understand that an artist has to live from his art and that it’s not naturally and welcome stealing his work.
The music industry did some mistakes as well, the digital rights management system did not worked out the way it should have.
When I buy a Coke in Ukraine I pay 0,40,-€ and not 1,00,-€ like in Germany, it makes sense to fit the prices to the market.
But If I want to buy something I cant afford, I don’t steal it and excuse it in my head with :” Hey it’s your fault that I steal your product, you made it too expensive for me to get it legal!”

I guess you don’t even think about it anymore, as it became naturally for you getting music for free and i know it wont change, but I’ll hope that you spend a minute thinking about it.
Respect moves a relationship further!

3.Is it true, that Anthony Rother don’t like to come to Ukraine anymore?

I cant speak for him and it’s not my style to tamper in somebody else business, but I can understand that you ask me about him, because you know me trough Datapunk releases.
Anthony plays live with a lot of equipment, you know your border control…With his new project Beuys Von Telekraft he plays a dj-set, so I think you’ll see him in the future and he likes to come to Ukraine.

Read his words: